My Christmas song 2015

by on Dec.25, 2015, under Creativity


Wasn’t gonna do a Christmas poem this year but then at the last minute, I got inspired. So I whipped this one up. This one you have to read sing along as, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…”


Oh the weather outside’s despiteful,
But the AC inside’s so delightful,
Sitting on my coach with the remote,
Where’s my show? Where’s my show? Where’s my show?

Been searching for my favorite Xmas show,
Up and down the guide I go-oooh,
Die Hard is the movie I know,
Where’s my show? Where’s my show? Where’s my show?

As it slowly nears midnight,
Still no sign of this awesome show,
Where’s Bruce Willis running for his life,
Escaping miraculously from harm,

My tradition is slowing dying
And I’m still looking for guns a-firing,
On the sofa I wiggle my toe…
Where’s my show? Where’s my show? Where’s my show?

See people have been discussing,
Does John Mclane have the Christmas blessing?
Another Christmas Story marathon I’ll forgo
Die hard is my annual Christmas show…

So I dig out my DVD of the show,
And hold it to the tree’s glow,
I’m happy again and it shows,
I found my show! Found my Show! Found my Show!”

Found my Show, Found my Show, Found my Show!

“Yippie ki-yay Muh…”

Merry Christmas!

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