Replaced my GoPro lens 5-8-16

by on May.08, 2016, under DIY, Photography, Video


Finally got around to replacing my GoPro lens on my Hero3+. If you don’t remember, I managed to scratch it while using it to film from a RC car. See post here.

I tried to buff out the scratch using some very ultra fine sandpaper (3000 grit), followed by some toothpaste and finally cleaned it up with come alcohol but no joy. I ended up getting some JJ Abrams lens flares so I jumped online and purchased a replacement lens. Only $20.

Below are the before and after photos (after I replaced the lens) and then below that are the galleries.


Below are the repair pics if you want to view. Wasn’t as hard as I thought. First removed lens ring, unscrewed lens, removed gasket, then unscrewed lens. After replacing the lens, I had to hook it up to my TV and focus the lens. Once I did that, I snapped the lens ring back on and we’re back in business.

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DIY Clappers

by on May.02, 2016, under DIY, Film making, Video


So, we’re gonna start shooting a movie soon and we don’t really need a big slate, but we do need a consistent “clap” in order to sync camera and external microphone audio in post.


Basically you need a sharp clap but not the big clapper. I could buy one but those suckers are about $45! Just for the arms!

So I made one for about $8.


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I RUN – a film project

by on Oct.27, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Movies, Sony A6000, Video

With the help of my buddy John, we began a film project a while back. Using all my tricks in my bag and some of his – we finally completed the film project of him running.

I’ve always been impressed with runners, how some just “lope” like deer when running. I remember when John started running about 4 years ago and I was so impressed with how he trained. Then he ran a marathon and another. I remember following his progress. So I thought,

“I’m gonna show him running…”

My goal was to produce a “Nike-ish Under Armor” kinda ad.

This was a collaborative effort between him and I along with the support of my other family and friends.

  • John Espinosa, you filmed yourself running countless times and never argued when I asked you to “run again…but slower.”
  • Michael Martinez who ran behind him holding my camera on a 3 axis stabilizer.
  • Joaquin (my son) piloting the drone to get those awesome over head shots.
    I even flew it and got a shot I imagined! 
  • And to Angel and Mike who drove the truck while I hung out of the back filming John.

I’m glad I got this done. I really had fun and happy with the final product.


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Water Balloon Toss V2!

by on Jul.26, 2015, under Creativity, Family, Humor, Photography, Sony A6000, Video

G-BlastWell, wasn’t quite satisfied with our last water balloon toss at Dad, and I did learn some things so we decided to give it another try. Plus, I love to hear my daughter laugh.

We bought some larger balloons and then set up both my Sony A6000 (with Liz at the helm) and then my GoPro just to get some smooth SloMo as well.

I didn’t get the GoPro positioned as well as I’d wanted to, kind of a little off center. But I like it.

Getting nailed repeatedly by water balloons is a big distraction.

Below is a quick 1 min video of the repeated throws.

I used the Sony A6000 11 burst mode (11 frames per second) to capture the balloon being thrown by Emmy and then doing a composite in Photoshop. I like the Purple balloon version – blue, meh.

Anyway, you can click on them for a larger version.



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Testing out my new Beholder motorized camera stabilizer 7-25-15

by on Jul.25, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Sony A6000, Video

I’m still practicing and I think it’s bouncing up and down too much but for just walking. It worked out fine.

Bonus points if you can guess the soundtrack.

Gonna find more opportunities to test so I’ll be posting them as well.

Found and awesome tree while walking too.




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