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Really…that simple?

by on May.31, 2010, under Around the Web, Creativity, Film making, Star Wars, Video

I was reading this webpage I frequent and ran across this picture of how they actually created the Star Wars crawl intro.

Just goes to show – you don’t need CG all the time.

It states in the article (see link below) that George Lucas later replaced the intro crawl with computer-generated crawls.

So That’s How They Filmed the Star Wars Opening Crawl…

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No wonder Vader turned out a rotten Apple

by on May.16, 2010, under Around the Web, Humor, Star Wars

This is such a sad and funny picture. You can just imagine the “real Darth Vader childhood.”

From a blog I visit frequently. See link below picture.

Not Even Ice Cream Can Cheer Up Lil Vader – Star Wars – Gizmodo


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I love Star Wars just as much as the next guy but…

by on Jul.24, 2009, under Around the Web, Movies, Star Wars

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – been busy with my new team NICE WORK for the 48hr film challenge set to begin on Aug 8th. We’ve had our first team meeting and it went well. We are going to do great (again) this year.

So I was surfing the internet catching up on the blogs I visit daily and I came across a couple of interesting items.

Yoda ChopsticksLight Saber Chop sticks?

I must admit they do look intriguing. But c’mon. that’s almost as bad as having Romulan Ale…okay I admit it – I have some of that in my fridge. Big shout out to my Bro-in-Law Jesse who got that for me.

But back to the Light Saber chop sticks. I checked them out at the Kotous website and they do look cool. They come in a nice R2D2 packaging. Apparently they will have more information at their booth at ComiCon 2009. But it’s also one of times where I slap my forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think if that!”

ComicCon – I need to go to that someday.

Old Star Wars CastNow – here’s another interesting tidbit of Star Wars fan lore. What do you make of this picture on the left? You can click on it to make it larger.

Apparently it’s the Star Wars cast in a photo shoot during Star Wars for the 1978 SEARS CATALOG!

Wow, what a a great picture of the iconic actors doing something before they were really famous. See you can name the characters…besides the obvious ones, you know, the ones with out fur, metal or shiny plastic armor.

Pretty cool stuff for a Friday. Have a great weekend.


PS – see if you guessed like me. From right to left back row first.

Han Solo – Darth Vader – Chewbacca – Princess Leia (of course), Luke Skywalker and R2D2.

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FANBOYS…a good rental for die hard Star Wars fans.

by on Jul.11, 2009, under Movie Reviews, Movies, Star Wars

Fanboys movie posterSaw the movie Fanboys last week. I had it on my list of movies to see since I AM also a Star Wars fan.

The story premise was good. It’s about a group of friends that decide to break into Skywalker ranch and steal a copy of the next big Star Wars movie…the Phantom Menace.

It’s set back before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace came out in 1999? So I also reminisced about waiting to see the “new” set of movies that George Lucas was teasing us with back then.

Believe it or not – behind most of the crude humor there is a storyline and purpose behind the movie plot and there are plenty of cameos to spot.

It was a good rental and I had been hearing about how this movie was made then delayed so I just wanted to see it.

Aside from the cameos – there a ton of movie lines the characters repeat and there was one line I appreciated in the movie. If you were going to ride in the “van” and you wanted to ride shotgun…you yelled “Chewy!’ – think about it.

Kristn Bell Princess Leia

Plus it wasn’t too bad to see Kristen Bell in the infamous Slave Leia costume.


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