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He does love his iPhone.

by on Feb.03, 2010, under Around the Web, Star Trek

I never would have thought of him like this…but it’s cool. Found it on a site I frequent daily.

Sir Patrick Stewart adores his iPhone by Mike Schramm (RSS feed) on Feb 2nd 2010 at 6:00PM Don’t even bother questioning why there is video of Jean-Luc Picard bashing Twitter and talking about his love for the iPhone, just watch and enjoy. Okay, okay, it’s from a PBS interview designed to promote some of their Shakespeare programming, but that doesn’t matter, really. All that matters is that Sir Patrick Stewart calls his “beautiful” iPhone “an extension of whom I am,” in the way that only he can. He also bashes gaming, but only because he says it’s extremely addictive, so we’ll let that one slide. Here’s the really important question: Has anyone pointed out the Star Trek phaser [iTunes link] to him yet? What apps (besides the weather one, we guess) does he run on a daily basis? [via iPhone Savior]

link: Found Footage: Sir Patrick Stewart adores his iPhone


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New Profile picture for my Facebook account

by on Jul.25, 2009, under Around the Web, Creativity, Star Trek, TV

Star Trek TNG uniformI decided I would try something new (for me that is) by creating a new profile picture or image for my FaceBook account.

As all of you know I’m a big fan of Star Trek and The Next Generation is probably my most favorite of all the series. So I decided to come up with a “profile badge” of the Star Trek TNG uniform.

I did some research online (as if I couldn’t remember the uniform) and then fired up Photoshop. It was a combination of layers with simple shapes and colors to create the uniform. I must admit though – I just took the communicator badge artwork from a site and cropped it down. Hey…if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

Here is what I came up with.

I like it and I’ve posted it to my Facebook account.

FB Star Trek Profile picture

This opens up a lot of possibilities now – I’m thinking of doing some more badges for my Facebook account – Lost in Space B-9 robot, Robby the Robot, Calvin and Hobbes…the possibilities are only limited by my creativity.

Thanks for letting me share.


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Space, the final frontier…

by on May.10, 2009, under Creativity, Movie Reviews, Movie/TV Posters, Star Trek, TV

Star Movie poster

Yes…I’m a geek but thankfully, my family supports me in this craziness. Obviously Liz and I wanted to see this movie and we were pleasantly surprised to hear that  Joaquin and Emma wanted to come along so we obliged them. They are of course, the next generation.

We went on Mother’s day to see the new Star Trek movie and I must say, it was good.

star trek ticket stubLoved the action.
Loved the special effects.
Loved the homage to the original series.
McCoy’s character was spot-on, “…that green blooded goblin.”
Scotty and Sulu characters were great too. A couple of great lines.

I won’t spoil it but let’s just say, “a famous green woman” makes an appearance.

The development of the characters was good and the story was somewhat entertaining.

…and two other major characters made appearances as well.

JJ Abrams did a good job but like most remakes – there are gaps and some “creative license” with the franchise. I understand the actors have signed up for at least two more movies and in my opinion, the 2nd of the Star Trek movies have always been the best (TOS Wrath of Khan, TNG First Contact) – so we’ll see.

And let’s just hope Mr. Abrams tones down the lens flares he so much likes on the film – they were distracting. I was glad to hear Michael Giacchino’s musical score though; he sure does work well with Abrams – Lost, Fringe etc.

Either way, this was a movie that was up on my list of summer hits to see and I’m glad we saw it.

Oh and  yes, I did create the image up at the header – just couldn’t help myself.


2009 Star Trek movie poster

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