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by on May.25, 2013, under Creativity, Family, Movie/TV Posters, Star Trek

We just got back from viewing the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie and it was good.

The morning started out rough with thunderstorms but the crew completed our mission to see the movie.

And as you can see, I’ve come up with another “Saldivar” movie poster, this one for Star Trek Into Darkness. I created one when the first movie came out in 2009 and you can view it here.

I’ve had this idea for a while now. As a matter of fact, we had the photo shoot last week. My buddy Jim and Mike came over to help and we just set up our off camera flashes and took pictures of me, Elizabeth, Emma and our villain, Joaquin.

Okay he’s not a villain but he sure does stay in his room a lot.

When I created the AVENGERS poster, I wanted to “pose” everyone but didn’t have time to do a photoshoot so I just found other pictures. Not this time – I was looking to mimic one of the character posters from the new movie (see below) and I like the way it turned out. Original concept was to pose with guns and stuff but I think this is more “my style.”

As for the movie, Liz and the kids loved it and so did I but I’m a purist so some stuff struck me as odd. I won’t spoil it for anyone. Go see the movie, it was entertaining and you won’t be disappointed.

Now onto the next movie…and poster.


PS – below is the poster I used as my guide.


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Star Trek and Zombies…okay, I’ll bite

by on Sep.17, 2010, under Around the Web, Creativity, Film making, Star Trek

Okay, this is a movie trailer about a Star Trek convention invaded contaminate by a virus that causes people to turn into Zombies.

Star Trek, a convention, the Un-Dead, what is there not to like? And the movie trailer logo is pretty cool too.

I love it.

This so much piqued my interest that I just had to click on the trailer and watch it. It was surprising entertaining and funny. If you’re a die-hard Trek fan you’ll appreciate most of the jokes but what amazed me is that this is a movie trailer FOR A BOOK. You can click on the image for a larger view.

I was a bit disappointed in the fact I won’t see the book turned into a movie — yet.

These folks spent a lot of time and effort putting together the trailer as you can see from the end credits and although it was a bit campy in some scenes, I found myself chuckling quite a bit.

Of course, it’s not the most favorite zombie spoof that I’ve come to love, that is Shaun of the Dead. But never-the-less, I enjoyed the trailer, which I’ve posted below just after the screen shot.

I found this on a website I frequent. Below is the original link as well.

Night of the Living Trekkies book trailer is surprisingly hilarious

Thanks for letting me share,


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Real Star Trek phaser from Blu Ray?

by on Jul.24, 2010, under Around the Web, Star Trek

Hmm…I just can’t see myself taking a part a cool classic Star Trek phaser toy much less a BluRay player to achieve this. Check out the video below.





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Tik-Tok Spock.

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Around the Web, Creativity, Star Trek

Okay, I like this song and I like Star Trek, the original series.

Great mash-up although sometimes a-bit too literal with the lyrics — but it works and it made me laugh.

I found this on a website I visit regularly – see link below.

Set your phasers on “Tik Tok”


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USS Enterprise Submarine?

by on Apr.05, 2010, under Around the Web, Creativity, Star Trek

I’ve seen guys “mod” airplane kits – but these folks mod submarines. Wow.

The ship actually looks like it’s in space. Check out the other videos too.


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