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Yesterday was Joaquin’s (Wack’s) 1st football practice at Antonian High School. He’d been preparing himself for these practices by attending the Strength and Conditioning camp during the summer at the high school. These were tough workouts that tested his capabilities and determination.

During the 1st week of the camp, we had some very strong conversations about commitment, perseverance and dedication. By the end of the second week, he was looking forward to the daily workouts and he made it through the 4 week camp. He said it helped that he knew most of the football drills – thanks to his football coaching staff at Blessed Sacrament Catholic school.

The practices for the Freshman football team were being held from 10:30am to noon so I took off from work to pick him up. I figured he might be sore plus I wanted to talk to him about his first day in such a large team sport. We hadn’t bought him football cleats so I thought we might do that during the afternoon.

Never mind that fact that my boy is starting High School, but add High School sports and you can count me as a bit apprehensive in my approach to this new venture. I sometimes think Wack is more relaxed than I am.

As I pulled up to the school, I parked up on the hill, turned off my truck and looked down at the practice field. I began to slowly scan the area of over 70 players to try and find my son in the sea of grey t-shirts, red shorts and red helmets.

Wack’s not a speedster but his size and quickness would make him an ideal candidate for the line, so I concentrated my search to that area. I soon spotted the familiar stance of my son as he was going through the drills. I could see him nodding to his lineman coach as he received direction and I am confident in saying that Wack ended his response to the coach with a, “Yes sir.”

At least from my untrained eyes he seemed to being doing well and holding his own. I had arrived a bit early so as I settled back into my seat to watch the drills – I noticed a figure walking around the football practice field. He was wearing black shorts, white baseball cap, a blue and white shirt with that familiar red Bulldog logo on the left side.

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Behind the camera this week which means…game high lights.

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I was back behind the camera for my son’s football game this past Friday – last week I got to enjoy the game as a fan thanks to my friends. We had a decisive victory against the Mount Sacred Heart team. Look for my #79 at the bottom of the defensive pile at :40 seconds.

This time if felt more like football weather! It was overcast and cool. It only got up to about 65 degrees that day and it had rained a lot in the morning. I was wondering if there was going to be a lot of mud but not too much on field. The overcast sky messed with my white balance but I think I fixed it during the second half when it turned to night.

I’ve also decided to try a different video service – Vimeo.
I think it looks better. You tell me.

Blessed Sacrament Football VS Mount Sacred Heart from G-Man on Vimeo.

Next week will be a tough game – Holy Spirt. Then St Mary’s from Fredericksburg the following Thursday night.

Thanks for watching and visiting.


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A Fan this time.

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Proud Papa, my Big Boy, Momma and little Sister at the homecoming game.

He’s big isn’t he? Jeez they grow up so fast.

Its tradition during halftime of the homecoming football game for the 8th graders to be announced with their parents and siblings in the middle of the field.

It was a great game. We spanked the other team and then enjoyed a BBQ dinner later that evening with most of the parents. On Saturday there was a dance too for the school.

I was a fan at the game this time. The weather was cool and I got to sit in the stands and scream until my voice was gone. I got to see my boy make some great tackles in the backfield – the pats on my back from other fellow Dads made my heart swell with pride.

What a great night.

I owe it to my buddies who gave me the opportunity to relish these memories for the rest of my life.

Al took pictures for all the eight grade parents on the field. He stood out there and directed close to 100 folks on where to stand, frame the shot then took 2 pictures of each group.

Al, you are a true professional.

Fernando took over the video camera responsibilities and walked around the stands to capture the excitement of the parents/fans…and me. Thanks to Fernando, there is footage of me getting caught up in the excitement of the crowd and cheering for our team!

Thank you Fernando, the video footage you took is great and I know it will enhance my compilations.

That night meant so much to me. I love to document my kid’s games but once in a while, I like to see it from the stands without having to fuss with camera gear.

Un fuerte abrazo a mi amigos.

So no highlight reel this week. I’m just sitting back and enjoying the week.

But back to work this Friday and it looks like rain. ooooooooooooooooo – mud bowl?


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The fans are asking…

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…for another highlight reel.

I didn’t do one from our victory on Monday Sept 14th game and I wasn’t planning on doing one for this past Friday’s victory either…but I’m getting grief, as is my son. So I caved and put together a slightly longer reel from this past Friday.

I filmed from the stands this time with a tripod for a fan’s perspective. I hope to appease the fans with a little old school music and was experimenting with timing to the music. That’s tough, timing action to beats of music…but I’m pleased. See the clip below.

Oh…my boy at 1:28 seconds…I almost missed it. I was trying to just get a nice shot of the defensive line penetrating and I got lucky. Also, look for some cool head butts in the background at 2:47, made me laugh.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.



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No Football game yesterday…

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Bummer. No football game yesterday. We’ve had a lot of rain the past couple of days – not arguing because we need it – so the coaches from both teams decided it was not worth tearing up the football field.

But isn’t that what football is all about?

They are going to reschedule the game for this Monday at 6pm!

I was kinda bummed. I was already to go out and film a “muddy” clash of warriors. I don’t think a mud bowl for middle school had ever been filmed and I was up for the challenge.

I even rigged up a rain cover for my camera and shoulder mount. I found some clear plastic zip boxes and cut one up to fit over my camera. Oh well – next time.

Maybe it will still be a a bit muddy on Monday. We’ll see.

Some good news though, since we didn’t have a football game, me and the familia got some electronic upgrades. I finally got me an iPhone! Whoo Hoo! I took this picture with it! I’ll post more later on my iPhone.


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