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IWHS vs Antonian Girls Basketball Game 1-15-15

by on Jan.16, 2015, under Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Football, Creativity, Photography, Sports

BSS_TrioThe girls that grew up together playing sports played last night against each other.

It was weird for me to watch so I focused on taking pictures. 

Of course I took my camera and realized just how rusty I was since I don’t shoot games anymore. I tried to sit up in the stands but finally moved to down to the floor with the other photographers. Again, I’m a bit rusty but I think I held my own with the other photographers. I shot with my Nikon D7000, lens 70-200mm at F/2.8.

It was good to see my “extended family” and not to have the pressure of getting every shot for a Sports Banquet. 🙂 Plus, I was shooting still/photography and not video this time. And since my little girl isn’t playing sports (she was an ACTS retreat and couldn’t make the game) Elizabeth and I were able to leave early as well. But of course, I HAD TO GET a little creative with my Header post.

I posted the pictures below. Click on each picture for a larger view.


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My season is over.

by on Jun.23, 2014, under BSS Highlight reels, Creativity, Film making, Sports, Video

Most of you know that I’ve been filming the Blessed Sacrament Sports Banquet videos now for about 5 years.

Camera_FootballThis year was my last and I really enjoyed putting this one together. Each year I tried to “up my game” by moving from stills, to video, then adding slow motion and finally the “POV from Kids view.”

I pride myself in trying to get a different perspective when filming each sport.

You would rarely find me filming from the stands because I would go down onto the field/court/dugout with the Student Athletes and coaches.

“I wanted parents to see what the kids see.” 


I’m going to miss doing this since my little girl is moving onto High school – I no longer need to film these wonderful kids.

I’m onto a new chapter of my hobby but in the meantime I wanted to share a short teaser video of the 42min 2014 Sports Banquet video I put together this year. I cut it down to 2mins and used some different music.

I leaned so much from filming “my kids” and I’ll miss presenting the videos to the super stars they truly are, on and off the field.


Thanks for letting me share,



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Testing out the GoPro on some Volleyball players

by on Sep.25, 2013, under BSS Highlight reels, Creativity, Film making, Sports

003-G-Facing_CameraMost of you know that I’m a bit of a videographer.

This is “probably” my last year filming all of the sports for Blessed Sacrament Catholic School sports banquet since my daughter Emmy, will be graduating from 8th grade this year and going to high school.

“High school?! Really?!”

So I wanted to try something new. I got my trusty GoPro Hero 2 camera out and used the head mount to put it on the players while they were warming up. There is no way coaches or refs would let them wear it during game play but my job as a videographer is to get “a different perspective” when filming. So I’m trying this POV (Point of View). That’s my big ‘ol mug up there adjusting the camera while it’s on a player.

Pretty interesting. I posted some quick examples below.

Plus here are some pictures pulled from the video – click on the images for a larger view.




Just amazes me how these players have to deal with lights and stuff.

Anyways, just trying to “mix it up” for next year’s Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Sports Banquet.

Oh yeah…its not until May of 2014. Sigh.




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Emma’s awards 2013

by on Jun.02, 2013, under Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Football, Creativity, Family, Photography

Big night for my little girl this past Thursday.

She received multiple awards for Academic Excellence. She got a High Honors plaque, a medal for scoring above the 75th percentile on the IOWA standardized testing and elected to Junior Beta Club.

The sun was setting in the backyard on Sunday and I noticed the awards laying near our bay window…and I had an idea. I grabbed my camera and with Elizabeth art directing, I snapped a couple of photos by the “clean” window.

We are so proud of her.


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Filmed my first football game in the rain

by on Sep.19, 2010, under Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Football, Creativity, DIY, Film making, Movies, Video

As most of you know, this past Friday we experienced pouring rain. I was scheduled to film the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Bulldogs play their football game that afternoon. I was worried about my camera equipment but as a former Boy Scout, I went prepared.

I’d always wanted to film a game in the rain but I did not have a rain cover for my camera. So, I made one. I found a plastic mattress cover in the garage. You know, the ones in a zipper square plastic case. A little duct tape and cardboard for support and voila! I just saved myself $100. You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

I loaded up my equipment and then made a quick stop at the dollar store on the way for some $1 rain ponchos.

It was raining pretty good on the way over but by half time, the rain had mostly stopped. I kept the rain cover on my camera since even some moisture could damage it. I was quite happy with the cover but I should have turned off the Mic since it was picking up the rain drops on my video.

Why was I in the rain filming a football game you ask? Because I volunteered to film the sports for this year’s Blessed Sacrament Sports banquet video and I wanted to see if I could do it. Plus, if these kids could be out there along with the supportive parents, then I would too.

It was fun.

Thanks for letting me share.


PS. I felt the Conan the Barbarian music was appropriate for the warriors on the field.

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