Practice Shooting 11-20-15

by on Nov.20, 2015, under DIY, Misc., Photography, PVC, Sony A6000

Went out to my buddy Mike’s place and with my other buddy, Jody – we shot some guns. Pretty cool. Plus, I got to use my PVC target stand.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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PVC Light Wand Holders

by on Jan.24, 2015, under DIY, Photography, PVC

G-PVC_logo.jpgI had purchased some camping lights to emulate the look and feel of some high end Photography ICE light wands. The ICE lights are very expensive so I went with some cheaper alternatives. Found these on Amazon (love, love, love amazon) but needed some way to clamp them to a light pole or tripod.

I remembered some PVC clamps and went to go find them. They work pretty well and only cost me about $2?

You can see the gallery below – click on pictures for a larger view.



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DIY MegaPhone Bang Flag

by on Sep.22, 2013, under Creativity, DIY, PVC

G-PVC_logo.jpgA DIY MegaPhone Bang Flag? Yup you heard it right.

At work, we’re in a contest to show our “creativity” towards COMMUNICATION using a blank megaphone.

We had a great brainstorming session on how to decorate the megaphone but then I thought “What is the BANG at the end” so I suggested we have something pop out of the megaphone like those Toy Guns that when you pulled the trigger, a flag shoots out with the words, “BANG” on it. Everyone thought it was a great idea and looked at me…

Great…that’s what I get for coming up with the idea..

But I rose to the challenge.

At first I though about just buying a toy gun with the flag and modifying it but that would take too long. Then I though, “I’ll buy some of those expandable tent fiber glass tent poles that expand by themselves. No…to heavy. What about those thin curtain rods that have a spring in them? Nope – too strong.

Then I remembered my love for PVC.

I got a wooden dowel, drilled a hole at one end. Fished some thin bungie cord through it and slid it into a 1/2″ of PVC. Now, how do I keep it from launching out and skewering someone? Drill some holes at the end and fish the line through there so it stops. I then anchored the PVC pipe inside the megaphone using some 1/2″ electrical conduit clamps. There was a lip on the end of the megaphone so once you slipped it in – it stayed put until you twisted the end by the mouthpiece.

It works. See gallery below. Click on the pictures for a larger view.



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DIY GoPro Water handle

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Creativity, Film making, Movies, PVC

We’re getting ready for a coast trip and I want to take the GoPro Hero 2 along but if we’re gonna be out in the water, I’d hate for it to sink to the bottom of the ocean if I drop it. So, I bought a little insurance and built myself a floating handle out of my favorite stuff…PVC.

Now some of you are saying, “are you crazy?!” That won’t float.

Au contrairemon frère

See, my brother wants to take us out on his boat again and even though the last time I took my Nikon D7000, it was kinda scary at times. This is where the GoPro will come in handy and I bought the GoPro “Floaty back door” that’s supposed to float.

It’s bright orange so you can see it bopping in the water. I added a ligtweight PVC irrigation 6″ pipe with some white end caps, put a 1/4″ screw in on one cap and used the tripod mount on it as well. It should float – and don’t worry, I’ve tested it in the sink – it floats. Here’s hoping I don’t EVER have to watch in float in the ocean.  See the gallery below – click on the pictures for a larger view.

So, we may or  may not go out on the boat but I want to be ready. And I know what some of you are thinking so “NO, it’s not a pipe bomb.”




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DIY Skate Dolly and Emmy’s science project

by on Jan.10, 2011, under DIY, Family, Film making, PVC, Video

G-PVC_logo.jpgOver the weekend I began finishing up another small DIY project with PVC. It’s a skater dolly and it’s used to shoot low to the ground and AROUND objects without using a large dolly. I built it using plans I found on the web and then used it to film my daughter’s recreation of a science project on Saturday.

Now, I will admit, I should’ve busted out my video lights but I didn’t want to intimidate her while I experimented with my table dolly. So I just used the existing light from our skylight.

Bad move — to me the video is grainy but oh well…I’ll do better next time I promise. I’ve posted the video below for you to see — then the build below it.

I’m building some other dollies but for now – I like what this one can accomplish, it adds some nice movement to a very static shot.

Please excuse some of the jerkiness (is that a word?) – I used an old tripod mount that doesn’t pan well because I didn’t want to tear apart my expensive video tripod for this experiment. And some of the shakiness was from me hitting the table.

I know, I know…my kids will never be able to “just build something without proud Dad filming it. But as my wonderful wife would quote from Urban Cowboy, “Eye-Kent-Hep-It!”

And here is the build – you can click on the images for a larger view:

Oh and I can already hear all you folks out there,
“Gee I wonder where her daughter gets that experimental side from?”

Thanks for letting me share.


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