Using a Drone for my film project

by on Oct.17, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Movies, Sony A6000

Well technically – Joaquin did.”

Drone_John_Joaquin_Setup Drone_John_Joaquin

I’m finishing up a project with my buddy John and he has a Quadcopter and I wanted to use it on a project I’m working on with him. Since he’s the subject, he can’t fly it so I drafted my son Joaquin to be the pilot since he’s got more experience in that area than me.

He flew one during High school and he’s much better with his hands (video games) than me!

Below is a very short clip of how he did. Stay tuned for the finished project!


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Fear the Walking Dead – my TV promos

by on Aug.23, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Movies, Sony A6000

Tonight is the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Many of you know how big of a fan I am because of the art promos I’ve been done in the past.

Today is different, I love the short promos that depict people going about their busy lives, not even noticing that the world is coming to and end with “Walkers” popping up around them. So I decided to try my hand at my versions.

I talked my niece Angel and her neighbors, Daniel and Jacqui to participate. I took my Sony A6000 and my Beholder motorized gimbal and we shot it at 11am today. I then quickly edited both of them to post before the show premieres tonight. Below are my two videos. And below them  – two of the promos from the show.

Now what am I going to do when the The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres? Hmmmm…


Below are the original promos I mimicked.

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Slow Motion Water Balloon Test 7-5-15

by on Jul.05, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Humor, Movies, Sony A6000

Well, been wanting to play around with some slow motion filming, so I busted out my GoPro and my Sony A6000 and filmed the kids tossing water balloons at me.

“They were happy to oblige.”

Then Joaquin got out his machine NERF gun too!

Do not let it be said that I won’t be in front of the camera. Even at my own peril. Bumped my head against the brick wall on first water balloon toss. But got my wits later and bobbed and weaved. Plus I learned  a lot believe it or not.

But, had fun.


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Testing out my new smoke machine

by on Mar.15, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Humor, Movies

Yup – got me a small smoke machine. Been wanting to play with this type of movie effect for a while now and I purchased a small one.

Tested it out in the backyard then decided to use my “air canon” to fire smoke “o” rings. Emmy and I had fun.

Now to test it in Photos and Movies!


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Mini Lego Batman Tumbler (Batmobile) 1-31-15

by on Jan.31, 2015, under Action Figure Photography, Creativity, Movies, Photography, Sony A6000


Most of you know how big of a Batman fan I am. I especially love, love the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and I’m especially fond of the new Batmobile or the Tumbler as it’s called. It even came to San Antonio one time and I was there..taking pictures. Click on this link to see them.

About three weeks ago I happened by the Lego Store in North Star Mall and saw the BIG LEGO Batmobile. $200 bucks,

Yeah…no way I’m getting that. 

But I did find a smaller version of it. I looked online and found one but there is actually a “used” Lego store here in SA, so I called, they had one and I went and bought it. Came home and built it. Love it so I took pics in Macro mode with my Sony A6000. You can view the pictures below. Click on them for a larger view.

Yup – I never will grow up.


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