Practice Shooting 11-20-15

by on Nov.20, 2015, under DIY, Misc., Photography, PVC, Sony A6000

Went out to my buddy Mike’s place and with my other buddy, Jody – we shot some guns. Pretty cool. Plus, I got to use my PVC target stand.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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The “Eyes” have it.

by on Aug.12, 2015, under Creativity, Family, Humor, Misc., Musings


I wanted to share a story that most people with a “significant other” would most definitely associate and appreciate. I also set up a new category that has other stories I’ve written if you’d like to read them Just click on this link, MUSINGS.

Now onto our story…

Our son Joaquin is beginning his Sophomore year at UIW and has decided he wants to live on campus. He was initially denied housing since he was a “local commuter” and out-of-town students have priority. But was put on a waiting list and told housing would email people each Friday in July if any openings came up. He was bummed but both Elizabeth and I told him to stay positive – there are 5 Fridays in July.

So each Friday he’d somberly tell us he didn’t get in. By Thurs 7/30, he’d given up. He and Elizabeth decided to begin the process of returning the extra Student loan monies they had procured when on the very last Friday of July (7/31) he got the call. They had an apartment for him. He was elated, as were we.

Told you…

It’s been a mad dash to get him what he needs and prepare for the move this weekend. Momma Bear quickly created a shopping list and has already procured almost everything her Cub needs. This Friday, he’ll go to the Housing office, turn in paperwork, get his key and begin the move. School starts on Monday 8/17/2015.

This past Monday, while we were both sitting on the sofa enjoying some TV after a delicious dinner, I looked over at my beloved and asked,  “So, what do you expect from me during Joaquin’s move?”

“It was a honest question and I wanted to know what was expected.”

She straightened up, looked at me and replied, “I’m taking this Friday off from work to help him…” and then just stared at me, remaining motionless.

(continue reading…)

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ProDot Shutter button

by on Jul.12, 2015, under Misc., Photography

ProDot_Shutter_Button-001Trying out this little gizmo I bought online for about $8 for two. I’m hoping it will “train me” to keep still when I press the shutter button on my Nikon. This should help with sharper image since since none of my lenses for my Nikon D7000 have image stabilization built in like my Sony A6000. Again these were pretty cheap and I can always remove it once applied to my Shutter button.

The site stages: “…the ProDot Shutter Button Upgrade helps you capture better photos with more comfort and control. The ProDot’s textured surface and raised button padding reduces camera shake and provides a better grip for a smooth shooting experience. This camera upgrade provides an instant improvement to the most critical engagement point of your camera: the shutter button.”

You can see the demo here at their site – ProDot Site.

ProDot_Shutter_Button-002 ProDot_Shutter_Button-003

I like the way it feels and it comes in black and clear too.


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“It’s a Party Party Weekend!”

by on Mar.14, 2015, under Family, Misc., Music, Sony A6000

Busted out the record player, much to the heavy sighs of our kids.

“They should be thankful they didn’t see us dancing.” 

We had purchased some records from Hog Wild but with such great weather, Elizabeth started the weekend right with Joe King Carrasco! Of course I had to film it using my Sony A6000. Still getting used to the focusing though.

I’ll have to post more songs later as we use it more.


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Ooooooo, presents…

by on Aug.10, 2013, under Film making, Misc., Photography, Video

PackagesSome new items arrived via FedEx today!

Today was a very busy day. Got up early and then the family and I went over to help with Joaquin’s Eagle Scout Project. We needed some extra measurements and we took that opportunity to also go have breakfast at Jims. We finally got home around 11:30am. The girls got ready to go to my grand-neice’s birthday party. I was gonna go but Joaquin and I had a lot of planning, writing and emailing stuff for his project. So we missed the party. After two hours we were finished.

Just in time to look over some items I had gotten in.

NewItemsWhat are these three items? Click on the image to get a larger view. Tell me what you think.

No guesses? Okay, I’ll tell you.


Let’s start with the MACRO FOCUS RAIL SLIDER.

If you want to see a larger image – click on it but you’ll have to “come back” to this page.

As most of you know, I’m a bit of videographer and I’ve been trying to master “flying” a camera using a steadicam rig. Of course I can’t buy an expensive rig so I purchased a “knock off” model called a FlyCam Nano for DSLRs. You mount the camera on it and hold it with one arm and it “flys.” Smooth motion – but not yet. Before you can fly, you have to balance it so it doesn’t sway side to side, front and back. That requires micro adjustments – the more expensive rigs have that built in. I read online that someone recommend buying a Macro Focus Rail Slider (I think they use them for focusing on very small stuff) then mount that to the Flycam then mount your camera. Found one on Amazon for pretty cheap, now I’m up to try that solution out.


I film alot of stuff outside with my video camera and when bright sunlight hits your LCD – it’s a &%$@! to view. My old camera had a hood for the LCD but now that Joaquin will be using my old camera for school, I bought me a new LCD hood  – from Hoodman. It’s small, slips on pretty easily with velcro straps and when not in use – folds flat. Me gusta.

But Gilberto, why don’t you just use the eye cup?

Great question, but have you ever had to track a player on a tripod with your eye stuck to the view finder/eye cup? Yeah…I’m not that flexible.

Now let’s move onto the little white cup/dome.


This is one of the first Kickstarter projects I’ve backed. It’s a little white dome cup that fits over your iPhone and using a companion app, it allows you to use it as a light/spot meter. It wasn’t that expensive and I’d always wanted to try Kickstarter so I funded it back in April. Finally got my package today. I’m still messing with it but it only works with reflective light – not flash. I actually used it to “meter” my the photos I took for this post. Pointed the iPhone at my products, then used those settings for my camera and viola!

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for letting me share.




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