Water Balloon Toss V2!

by on Jul.26, 2015, under Creativity, Family, Humor, Photography, Sony A6000, Video

G-BlastWell, wasn’t quite satisfied with our last water balloon toss at Dad, and I did learn some things so we decided to give it another try. Plus, I love to hear my daughter laugh.

We bought some larger balloons and then set up both my Sony A6000 (with Liz at the helm) and then my GoPro just to get some smooth SloMo as well.

I didn’t get the GoPro positioned as well as I’d wanted to, kind of a little off center. But I like it.

Getting nailed repeatedly by water balloons is a big distraction.

Below is a quick 1 min video of the repeated throws.

I used the Sony A6000 11 burst mode (11 frames per second) to capture the balloon being thrown by Emmy and then doing a composite in Photoshop. I like the Purple balloon version – blue, meh.

Anyway, you can click on them for a larger version.



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Slow Motion Water Balloon Test 7-5-15

by on Jul.05, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Humor, Movies, Sony A6000

Well, been wanting to play around with some slow motion filming, so I busted out my GoPro and my Sony A6000 and filmed the kids tossing water balloons at me.

“They were happy to oblige.”

Then Joaquin got out his machine NERF gun too!

Do not let it be said that I won’t be in front of the camera. Even at my own peril. Bumped my head against the brick wall on first water balloon toss. But got my wits later and bobbed and weaved. Plus I learned  a lot believe it or not.

But, had fun.


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Testing out my new smoke machine

by on Mar.15, 2015, under Creativity, Film making, Humor, Movies

Yup – got me a small smoke machine. Been wanting to play with this type of movie effect for a while now and I purchased a small one.

Tested it out in the backyard then decided to use my “air canon” to fire smoke “o” rings. Emmy and I had fun.

Now to test it in Photos and Movies!


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Goodbye old friend

by on Jul.27, 2014, under Creativity, Film making, Humor

It’s tough seeing a favorite tool end it usefulness…but it goes out with honor.

We had to replace our old edger and I had this idea in my head. It reminded me of that episode on MASH when Frank got into a tank and was out of control in the camp. Colonel Potter jumped into this jeep to save the day but Frank ended up running over and crushing the jeep as Col Potter jump off. Being an old cavalry man, he calmly walked up and shot the jeep.

So with Emmy’s help (camera) we did this quick video. Kinda fun.

















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RIP Hero2

by on May.13, 2014, under Creativity, Humor, Movies

GoProRIPSadly, the Rice ICU bag couldn’t bring back my GoPro Hero 2.

I think the combination of the hard knock on the concrete, the splash into the water naked took it’s toll on this great little camera. I learned a lot from it but now I need to move on. See original story here.


New adventures await the Hero2 in digital heaven.



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