God is testing me

¡Agua – Ay Chihauhua!

by on Aug.11, 2009, under God is testing me, water damage

For those of you following my blog – remember back in March when we had a horrible water leak? We were in the middle of getting our house foundation leveled and we had to deal with a flooded house. Finally it all came to an end…or so I thought. Other little things popped up like, the water heater finally died. Something else to do with water…

My mom is staying at our home this week because both of my kids do not have summer camp and “Nana” wants to take care of them before they start school next week.

For the past two mornings, Nana has gotten up and graciously hand watered our hay (lawn) in the hopes of delaying it’s inevitable demise due to the ridiculous heat we’ve been having.

I got home today from work and Nana tells me, “¡Ay que susto Heel-bear-toe, la agua se prendio solito hoy en la manaña!”

Chew on that for a moment…

“Oh what a fright Gilberto! The water turned on by itself this morning!”

“What?” I asked.

“Si, la agua…”

Okay I won’t do that to you again.

She said that during the day the water turned on in the back all by itself. My wonderful little girl Emmy went to the back and turned it off. Both my Mom and Joaquin were dumbfounded on how the hose suddenly just turned on!

I then turned to my little hero, “Emmy, was the hose squirting from the end or from the reel.”

“From the reel Dad.”

Hmph…I went out to investigate and sure enough – the BRAND NEW HOSE I JUST BOUGHT YESTERDAY AT HOME DEPOT WHILE I WAS RETURNING THE BOLTS FROM MY FAILED DOLLY MODIFICATIONS had a tear in it. Click on the image for a larger view.

“Maybe Max chewed it.” Joaquin asked.


“Maybe the heat just tore the hose?” Emmy asked.


“Ala mejor fue una culerbra…” Nana asked.


Maybe in a final act of desperation, the yard decided it didn’t want to die. It squeezed the pipes under the house in the hopes of applying too much pressure so the hose would burst and water would spray all over the grass and it would be saved.


Maybe my Mom just forgot to turn off the hose at the valve and it burst because it was a cheap hose and under the sun/heat? Click on image for larger view.


Thank god they were home, heard it and turned it off.

…God is testing me again…


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Liz is doing much better

by on Jun.06, 2009, under Family, God is testing me, The Flu

finger_wagI say this because she’s no longer content to stay in bed and becoming a bit more vocal about what I am and AM NOT doing.

– She’s letting me know that my “Man-Cleaning” of the kitchen is just not cutting it (that’s how I roll).
– I’m letting the kids watch too much TV (Hey, it’s summer)
– Why haven’t I come over to come talk and spend time with her (forgive me but snot is not that attractive)
– And why am I taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon? (Hello, I’m on vacation plus it’s tiring taking care of everyone!)

So, she must be feeling better.

When I took her to the doctor on Thursday, she was just miserable. They did a flu test on her and had to wait for the results. He said he would prescribe her Tamil Flu to help get her better. When he asked how everyone was doing and I told him, Emmy was doing just well, Joaquin still had a nagging cough but no fever and I had not been sick. He looked down at me from his glasses and said he would prescribe me some “preventative” Tamil Flu since my exposure was high. Better safe than sorry.

Later that day Liz told me (I would say more like ordered me) to take Joaquin to the doctor on Friday just to make sure he was getting better since he has Football camp next week. He is the only one that didn’t get any medication and after a quick trip to our Pediatrician, it was confirmed that he was on his way to mending himself. He would be cleared to go to Football camp next week.

Later that day – we all left Liz in bed and did some shopping for some items for the house and groceries. Of course when I got home, Liz came over to inspect and gave me a lecture on why I’m not allowed to go grocery shopping. Again – she must be gettting better.

I finally decided to sleep in the same bed with her (we’d been avoiding that to prevent the spread of infection) but she kept getting hot and cold so again, I was only a hitchhiker to the night’s sleep on my bed. I had to endure her tossing and turning, some coughing (to my back) and her constant covering and uncovering of the blankets. I’m hoping tonight will be better since she got up and made us all breakfast Saturday morning.

Oh and the doctor’s office called – Liz (like Emmy) tested NEGATIVE for the flu. Hmmm…interesting. Liz did stop taking the Tamil Flu because she said it was giving her a headache. Let’s hope it doesn’t prevent her recovery.

So that’s the latest update. My two week vacation comes to a close on Sunday and I’ll be back at work…to rest perhaps? 🙂


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They’ve all got it.

by on Jun.03, 2009, under Creativity, Family, God is testing me, Humor, Musings, The Flu

gman_omegamanSo just as the doctor predicted – Emmy got a high fever. Now all three have it. Liz, Emmy and Joaquin all have the flu and I’m the last hold out.

So far I haven’t gotten any of the symptoms – I’ve been too busy running around taking temperatures, dispensing medication, wiping down counters, door knobs and areas “they” have laid in. Been pretty busy. In between, I’ve been washing my hands and using the hand sanitizer – hoping to ward off the germs.

Poor Emmy – she got up to 104 – so I had to cool her down with some cool towels. I got her fever down to 100 and she’s doing better…after she threw up. Yuck. I did get her the Tamil Flu medication and gave her the 1st dose. She should be doing better by tomorrow.

Liz was able to get up and have some soup I made. She went back to bed.

Joaquin does seem to be improving. He’s not as warm as before and is already asking for more food. Probably a good sign.

Me, I had my Ravioli and doing okay…so far…

omegamanWhat’s keeping me sane through all this? My over active imagination helps. I can sit down for about an hour while “they” sleep and think of creative ways to keep everyone informed on the status of my family.

My mind starts to wander and I think I’m in a movie, you know, like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man.

So I hop on my Mac and find images to “alter.”  So to the left is what I came up with so far. Pretty much fit the bill – the three on the top are the “infected” and of course – I’m down at the bottom – struggling to keep from getting infected. Not my best work – but I’m working fast. I’ve included the original image over on the right if you want to click and see what I altered.

I know, it’s a stretch – but it keeps me occupied in between taking temperatures and dispensing medication.


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Preemptive Strike

by on Jun.03, 2009, under Family, God is testing me, The Flu


I just came back from loading up on supplies. Everyone seems to be sick in our household (sans me) and I don’t want to be next. Plus – someone needs to be healthy to help everyone out right?

By now – most of you have heard how our trip to the South Padre was cut short because Joaquin was sick. We decided to leave early and then Liz took him to the ER. Luckily, it was not Pneumonia just the flu – not the swine type either. But now Liz is running a high fever.

medic_patchSo this morning I got up and made a list of items we’d need. Hand Sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, tissues, soup, crackers, vitamin C and Raviloi. Ravioli you ask? It’s for me.I need something I can make quick and easy (even eat cold if need be) while I’m running around being the medic for my family.

Since Emmy had a scratchy throat I went ahead and took her to our pediatrician. She was tested for Strep throat and the flu – both came back negative but the doctor and I decided to not take any chances and get her started on some preventative Tamil flu medication. This way we don’t have to put her through what Joaquin and Liz are going through.  I’ve made an appointment for Liz to see her doctor tomorrow at 10am. Hopefully, she’ll get some Tamil Flu medication as well.

For now – I’m just going around the house, wiping down stuff and using the hand sanitizer while I’m treating the troops. Let’s hope I don’t get sick – I’m back at work on Monday.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes.


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Just the flu…

by on Jun.03, 2009, under Family, God is testing me, The Flu


Never thought it I would hear myself say that was “a good thing.” Liz and Joaquin got home around 1am from the hospital and the good news is – no Pheunonia for Joaquin. It’s just the flu. Whew!

…and they specifically stated it’s not the Swine Flu.

They did another throat culture as well and it came up negative too. They said they didn’t need to do a chest X-ray and that Joaquin would be “bouncing around” in a couple of days.

Only problem is – Liz is sick now. While we were at South Padre, she insisted on sleeping with Joaquin in one of the Queen beds we had in the hotel room to watch him. He must have coughed on her because on the drive home, she was getting a scratchy throat. They told her at the hospital that she’d probably get sick too and this morning (she decided to sleep on the sofa so as not to get me sick) she has a 101 temperature! She feels horrible.

Now that Liz is sick, in retrospect – it was a good decision to leave South Padre early. Imagine driving home with two sick people. Of course I would be driving and poor Emmy would have had to do her best to help. Speaking of Emmy, the jury is still out on her getting sick. She was coughing  a little yesterday but this morning I didn’t feel a temperature on her. We’ll see. (update – she’s got 99.8 temperature).

You just never know. We could’ve stayed home, canceled our vacation and I bet you Joaquin would have not gotten a fever. Doesn’t it always work out that way?

So now it’s my turn be the nurse. Maybe I’ll just “scare them” into feeling better?



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