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Merit Badges for Adults

by on Apr.17, 2013, under Adult Merit Badges, Creativity, DIY, God is testing me

This past week we found out we had Termites in our guest bathroom. Another one of life’s challenges we’ve had to face. When I tell people about these experiences, most will tell me, “Yeah, we’ve had that happen to us.” I’ve noticed that reaction when mentioning other major events happening in our life. It’s almost like we’re going through a “rite of passage.”

“That got me thinking”.

See, my son has been working his way towards the Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts. He’s had to complete many, many tasks and earn Merit badges along the way – (got them all already.)

“So why can’t we get them as adults? “

So, rather than dwell on the negativity of finding out we have termites, I thought I would put this creative ‘ol noggin of mine to work.

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iMac – back to life…

by on Apr.05, 2012, under Apple, Creativity, God is testing me, Technology

 I’m back in business.

For those of you that didn’t know (can’t image no one knew this) my two year old iMac’s internal hard drive (HDD) died last week. Luckly during Spring Break I had time to off load lots of files and pictures to external drives and (re)start my Time Machine Back ups for my internal HDD.

I’m glad I did.

On Thursday of last week my iMac was sluggish and I put on my tech hat and began to diagnose the problem. After four hours, I threw in the towel. I tried more on Friday but to no avail. It was time to call Apple.

Saturday morning I dailed Apple Tech support and the call went something like this…

“Hi Todd, I’m having some issues with my iMac. Yes, here is my serial number and phone number to contact me in case we get cut off. Ready? Okay, I’ve tried, this, this and this. Then I did this and this with this disk and while we were on the phone, I did this. Still not booting up.

A 3o second pause on the line as I swear I could hear him flipping through pages…

“Well Mr. Saldivar it looks as if you’ve tried/done everything I would have walked you through, seems to be a hardware problem, lets get you an appointment to take it to the Apple Store.”

“Thank you Todd.”

An hour later the Apple Genius at the Apple store confirmed my suspisions. Hard drive was dead. Three to five days to replace – AppleCare would take care of the costs. I touched my hand to my lips and then placed it on my iMac as it was lead away. I would have to work from my 13″ MacBook for a couple of days.

On Wednesday of the next week I picked up “my baby” from the Apple Store, came  home, plugged in the power cord and most importantly hooked up my 1TB LaCie external drive that had been doing those important Time Machine Back ups.

I crossed my fingers, did the sign of the cross then had a few shots of Scotch while I watched as the blue light flickered constantly on the external drive…slowly beginning to breathe life back into my iMac…

In 2.5 hours Time Machine had restored my iMac to it’s original state – all documents, applications and user settings.

My reaction was like when Dr. Frankenstien successfully created life! Hence the picture above.

My life is all about movies…

I didn’t have to reload ANYTHING. God I love Time Machine.

Thank you Jonathan Marcus for telling me to buy a LaCie drive.
Thank you Jim Cornell for calming me down.
Thank you American Express for extending my AppleCare an additional year since it would have run out on March 9, 2012.


PS – to get the full effect of my experience see the video below:


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This is our stop…

by on Aug.16, 2011, under Family, God is testing me, Musings, Sports

Been a pretty hectic summer with a sophomore and 6th grader entering school this week.

Joaquin has moved beyond “fish status” and now on his 2nd day as a sophomore at Antonian College preparatory school. He is also now a member of JV football squad and even took his pictures (click here for images)  but that may change.

Yesterday I picked up Emmy from Volleyball tryouts at Blessed Sacrament Catholic school, then we swung around to Antonian to pick up Joaquin from football practice. As Emmy and I waited in the truck, we saw him down on the field but with his helmet off. He stood to the side with another player while the special teams group ran some drills. As soon as they broke practice I moved my truck over to the gym to wait for him.

After about 10mins, I received a phone call from Joaquin.

“Dad, are you here?”
“Yes Mijo, I’m by the gym.”
“Okay, I’ll come get you, the trainer wants to talk with you. I think I got another concussion.”

Again the bowling ball drops into my lap.

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Bell rung.

by on May.12, 2011, under Family, God is testing me, Musings, Sports

We had a bit of a scare yesterday with Joaquin concerning his football practice.

I was working on the Sports Banquet videos and Liz was picking up Emmy and Joaquin from school. Joaquin has been having “Spring Ball” – two weeks of pre-football practices and he starts them right after school. This is in preparation for the coming JV season at Antonian High School.

He’s been telling us that the drills have been rough and he’s been getting knocked around. He’s not the only one either. He told us that he knew of two other kids that got a concussion during the practices.

So it’s around 5:45pm and I see this call coming through on my iPhone. It’s a number I don’t recognize so I thought of letting it go to voicemail but decided not too.

It was the Antonian Sports Trainer, calling to let me know that she thought Joaquin had received a concussion during practice.

That bowling ball suddenly materialized right above me and dropped into my lap again.

She quickly told me that he was not practicing but sitting with her on the sidelines. They only had ten more minutes of practice so he seemed fine for now…although he had been exhibiting some odd behavior during the last part of practice.

I told her this was the third person I had known that had received a concussion DURING PRACTICE…and she said Joaquin was actually the 4th.

That didn’t make me feel better.

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Yes, I will write and take pictures of just about anything…

by on Feb.22, 2011, under Creativity, God is testing me, Humor

Ugh…isn’t’ that what everyone says when they go to the dentist?

I had my bi-annual cleaning today and to ease my nervousness, I decided to document the experience.

And yes, you can all call me a “big Baby” if you want – I can take it.

Liz is already doing it because in her youth she had bad teeth but through perseverance and cash, they are quite beautiful now. But she still gives me a hard time because I don’t get cavities like she does.

Jeez, that woman has had quite a bit of work done on her teeth which explains why she hums so well and beautiful…she’s picking up radio stations.

See what most of you don’t know is that until I was 30, I had never been to a dentist and I lucked out in the “ROCK” category as I was told I had some good chompers or boulders as molars.

At least until I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled, a crown placed, then a root canal through the crown in the span of two years! Needless to say, I switched Dentists on the recommendation of my good friends, Pat and David.

The staff at Dr Monier’s dental office is just wonderful. Especially Nicole MY dental hygienist who is great — yes…she’s mine because she knows how to calm me down. Plus, Dr. Monier always comes in and addresses me by my first name before checking on my teeth and how I’m doing.

But, I wanted to say, “Thank you to Nicole” who is very patient with me. She is very good at what she does and is always encouraging me with, “Your gums look great and you’re doing a good job at flossing as well.”

Very important words to me since I know flossing and brushing at home, prevents me from having to sit in that CHAIR, staring up at the ceiling tiles.

Hey…is that a new water stain?

Nicole is also very friendly and even though she knows I have objects in and hanging from my mouth, she still tries to have a conversation with me. She’ll ask about my kids, work and stuff. She’s nice enough to say, “Okay, close mouth” so the pools of water being blasted at my teeth are sucked up via that little vacuum pipe hooked on my cheek and I can respond after a hard swallow.

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