Fixing some frayed cables with Sugru

by on Feb.14, 2016, under Apple, DIY, Sony A6000, Technology


My son purchased a used MacBook and although it was in very good shape, the charger was frayed at the base. We got a new one online but thought I would try this stuff I’d been hearing about called Sugru. It’s basically moldable putty that sticks to most stuff and then hardens to a rubber consistency. I decided to try it on his Apple charger and a lighting cable he frayed as well.

I documented it using my Sony A6000 and the Sony PlayStation Memories app. It gives me a “live view” from my iPad and allows me to take pictures. See the images below – click on them for a larger view.

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iMac – back to life…

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 I’m back in business.

For those of you that didn’t know (can’t image no one knew this) my two year old iMac’s internal hard drive (HDD) died last week. Luckly during Spring Break I had time to off load lots of files and pictures to external drives and (re)start my Time Machine Back ups for my internal HDD.

I’m glad I did.

On Thursday of last week my iMac was sluggish and I put on my tech hat and began to diagnose the problem. After four hours, I threw in the towel. I tried more on Friday but to no avail. It was time to call Apple.

Saturday morning I dailed Apple Tech support and the call went something like this…

“Hi Todd, I’m having some issues with my iMac. Yes, here is my serial number and phone number to contact me in case we get cut off. Ready? Okay, I’ve tried, this, this and this. Then I did this and this with this disk and while we were on the phone, I did this. Still not booting up.

A 3o second pause on the line as I swear I could hear him flipping through pages…

“Well Mr. Saldivar it looks as if you’ve tried/done everything I would have walked you through, seems to be a hardware problem, lets get you an appointment to take it to the Apple Store.”

“Thank you Todd.”

An hour later the Apple Genius at the Apple store confirmed my suspisions. Hard drive was dead. Three to five days to replace – AppleCare would take care of the costs. I touched my hand to my lips and then placed it on my iMac as it was lead away. I would have to work from my 13″ MacBook for a couple of days.

On Wednesday of the next week I picked up “my baby” from the Apple Store, came  home, plugged in the power cord and most importantly hooked up my 1TB LaCie external drive that had been doing those important Time Machine Back ups.

I crossed my fingers, did the sign of the cross then had a few shots of Scotch while I watched as the blue light flickered constantly on the external drive…slowly beginning to breathe life back into my iMac…

In 2.5 hours Time Machine had restored my iMac to it’s original state – all documents, applications and user settings.

My reaction was like when Dr. Frankenstien successfully created life! Hence the picture above.

My life is all about movies…

I didn’t have to reload ANYTHING. God I love Time Machine.

Thank you Jonathan Marcus for telling me to buy a LaCie drive.
Thank you Jim Cornell for calming me down.
Thank you American Express for extending my AppleCare an additional year since it would have run out on March 9, 2012.


PS – to get the full effect of my experience see the video below:


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by on Oct.05, 2011, under Apple, Creativity, Technology

Steve Jobs passed today. I thought it appropriate to post this picture on my blog. It’s from the www.apple.com site.
A sad day but everyday using what he has produced will keep me going.
Vaya con dios.
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Very cool RETRO iPhone case

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Apple, Around the Web, Technology

This actually pretty cool.

Someone took an old unused Newton, hollowed it out and fitted it for an iPhone.

I’m not sure how great that would be — that old case is probably a little smaller in size than a VHS tape…you remember those?

The reason I know the size of the Newton is because I actually have one, thanks to my buddy Jim who gave it to me as a birthday present oh…so many years back. And it still works.

I think the case would be just too big to carry around and Newton stylus wouldn’t work as input device for the iPhone either.

Regardless, it would be cool to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see you whip this puppy out BUT even more fun to see the reaction of people that actually know what a Newton is/was!

Most people forget the Newton was one of the first PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) that crashed horribly and soon the Palm came onboard.

I remember taking mine to work and having to reply to the many questions about my device,

“What is that?”

“A Newton.”

“A what?”

“A PDA.”

“A what?”

“An electronic Franklin Planner…”

“Ohh! I get it now!”


See the original post here:
Newton Message Pad as an Phone case
link: Apple Newton to be reborn as iPhone case



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You just can’t beat simplicity

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Apple, Around the Web, Technology

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but for now you can print from an iPad. Well, leave it to a simplistic solution. Made me laugh. From a blog I visit frequently. See the link below.


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