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by on Nov.25, 2012, under Action Figure Photography, Creativity, Photography

Just playing around with my Nikon and SB600. Trying to get the right exposure using an external flash.

Both my models, Elizabeth and Emmy were gone so I used my comic book props.

I like it.


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Someone needs help…

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Action Figure Photography, Creativity, Photography

Here’s another photo opportunity I had today with the blue sky peeking through the clouds.

Again, I was sitting inside and saw the clouds part and the sun peaked through…so I ran outside with my ACTION FIGURE, put him (Superman) on my tripod and shot some stills with a natural sky in the background.

I tried shooting him in the shade at first but it was “blah” then I tried using my flash just wasn’t getting the right shadows so I moved out of the shade and in direct sunlight.

I like this one the best.

Interesting that it came out so well because Superman needs the sun – The Dark Knight Returns Comic by Frank Miller.

Yes, I own that Graphic novel as well. 

….and I still have Batman, The Joker.and Power Girl to name a few of my Action Figures I’m thinking of shooting.


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by on Mar.13, 2012, under Action Figure Photography, Creativity, Humor, Photography

Got my work done for the day and decided to try something with “my toys.”

Liz calls them “dolls” to which I immediately correct her like a character from The Big Bang Theory, “THEY ARE ACTION FIGURES!” It’s this loving banter her and I have…

I had an idea and since I’m off this week for Spring Break, I decided to shoot from a different perspective…mind you this is just a test shot. I went into the garage, dusted off an old box, pulled out some ACTION FIGURES and did a quick set up and shoot, I’ll do it better later…

And yes for all you people out there saying, “He has Action Figures?!”

Yes, I do.

I busted them out to shoot this and it’s a variation from the Web of Spider-man comic book title aptly named, The Incredible Hulk has just spotted Spiderman – Cancel Christmas.

So there…you know more about me that you need to…and sad to say, some of you have confirmed your suspicions.



PS – YES! I have that comic…just have to find it!

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