Saldivar South Padre Vacation 2017

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Been one week since we’ve been back from our annual Saldivar Vacation. This year (2017) we decided to go back to South Padre Island and “complete” the vacation. See 8 years ago we went but Joaquin got really sick and we basically drove back. This trip felt like we closed the loop. 

Read about that here – Joaquin got sick

The video above is from Day 1 and I didn’t bust out my cameras the rest of the trip. Elizabeth told me not to make it “work.” So I didn’t. I did add a gallery below so if you click on images for a larger view. I did create some time lapses using my Sony A6500 and I’ll add those later. 


Thanks for letting me share,


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Made it to South Padre!

by on Jun.01, 2009, under Family


Well, we made it to South Padre Island to begin our two day relaxation with the kiddos. We left a little late (10:30am) and had to drive through some hellacious thunder storms but once we crossed the Port Isabel bridge…the clouds parted and the angels sang…or Sea Gulls just said, “mine…mine…mine…” 🙂

We have a great room right near and facing the beach. Liz did a good job of picking the location but then again – she’s the beach person not me. Although I admit, walking along the beach in 80 degree weather was quite relaxing. (update – we had to leave early)

So just a quick post to show your our location and our walk on the beach – we’re gonna take off and get something to eat and then hit the beach hard tomorrow. Might even do some sight-seeing off the beach too. There is a Sea Turtle rescue location somewhere here (big shout out to Dan for letting us know!) and we might go visit. This is the first trip we’ve made to the beach with Emmy and she loves it.

click on the photos for larger versions.


So more tomorrow – if I’m not too sunburned.


PS – We went and had dinner at Louie’s restaurant and the rain came back but when we got back to the hotel room – it cleared up and a golden light bathed the shoreline…then we noticed the rainbow…or two. It’s a good sign eh?

Click on the picture for a larger view.


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Preemptive Strike

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I just came back from loading up on supplies. Everyone seems to be sick in our household (sans me) and I don’t want to be next. Plus – someone needs to be healthy to help everyone out right?

By now – most of you have heard how our trip to the South Padre was cut short because Joaquin was sick. We decided to leave early and then Liz took him to the ER. Luckily, it was not Pneumonia just the flu – not the swine type either. But now Liz is running a high fever.

medic_patchSo this morning I got up and made a list of items we’d need. Hand Sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, tissues, soup, crackers, vitamin C and Raviloi. Ravioli you ask? It’s for me.I need something I can make quick and easy (even eat cold if need be) while I’m running around being the medic for my family.

Since Emmy had a scratchy throat I went ahead and took her to our pediatrician. She was tested for Strep throat and the flu – both came back negative but the doctor and I decided to not take any chances and get her started on some preventative Tamil flu medication. This way we don’t have to put her through what Joaquin and Liz are going through.  I’ve made an appointment for Liz to see her doctor tomorrow at 10am. Hopefully, she’ll get some Tamil Flu medication as well.

For now – I’m just going around the house, wiping down stuff and using the hand sanitizer while I’m treating the troops. Let’s hope I don’t get sick – I’m back at work on Monday.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes.


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Just the flu…

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Never thought it I would hear myself say that was “a good thing.” Liz and Joaquin got home around 1am from the hospital and the good news is – no Pheunonia for Joaquin. It’s just the flu. Whew!

…and they specifically stated it’s not the Swine Flu.

They did another throat culture as well and it came up negative too. They said they didn’t need to do a chest X-ray and that Joaquin would be “bouncing around” in a couple of days.

Only problem is – Liz is sick now. While we were at South Padre, she insisted on sleeping with Joaquin in one of the Queen beds we had in the hotel room to watch him. He must have coughed on her because on the drive home, she was getting a scratchy throat. They told her at the hospital that she’d probably get sick too and this morning (she decided to sleep on the sofa so as not to get me sick) she has a 101 temperature! She feels horrible.

Now that Liz is sick, in retrospect – it was a good decision to leave South Padre early. Imagine driving home with two sick people. Of course I would be driving and poor Emmy would have had to do her best to help. Speaking of Emmy, the jury is still out on her getting sick. She was coughing  a little yesterday but this morning I didn’t feel a temperature on her. We’ll see. (update – she’s got 99.8 temperature).

You just never know. We could’ve stayed home, canceled our vacation and I bet you Joaquin would have not gotten a fever. Doesn’t it always work out that way?

So now it’s my turn be the nurse. Maybe I’ll just “scare them” into feeling better?



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“Drake, we are LEAVING!”

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Well – we just got home with our sick son. We ended it about a day early. He and Mommy are on their way to the ER because he’s really sick.

To fill you in – while Emmy and I went to go visit the Sea Turtle Rescue farm – Liz called our Pediatrician and explained that we were five hours away from home and that we just couldn’t get Joaquin’s fever down for very long. We mentioned he did not have Strep throat but had a constant cough and a fever. Our Pediatrician stated we could do two things.

  1. Take him to the emergency room there in South Padre or…
  2. Drive him home but take him to the ER as well.

The doctor thought Joaquin might Pneumonia! Only an X-Ray of his chest would confirm that.

So – we made the call and decided to drive all the way back home with our sick son. His fever was down, thanks to the Tylenol and we’d rather have him treated at home.

We left South Padre at 4pm and got home at 8:30pm. While Emmy and I unpacked – Liz took off with Joaquin to the ER. She just called me and told me it was crowded but they are signed in. Now for the waiting game. I’ll post more tomorrow.

BTW – what does that picture and headline mean? Well if you are a true (and I mean die-hard) fan of Sci Fi – you’d know that was Corporal Hicks from the Aliens movie. It’s what he says when they need to bug out.


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